Reinforced Driveways & Garages

Reinforced Driveways & Garages


From the moment you arrive at a home built by Iverson, you’ll recognize quality from the ground up—we don’t neglect any details. Our homes are built to withstand the harshest Minnesota winters, and it begins with structurally sound, reinforced driveways. Our four-inch-thick concrete driveways offer numerous benefits:

  • Strong and durable.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Reinforced with fiber mesh.
  • Tied into the garage foundation with half-inch rebar.
  • Saw-cut to minimize cracking and heaving.


We install durable, low-maintenance contemporary and classic garage doors built from heavy-duty steel.  Our garage doors are insulated for increased energy efficiency and quiet operation.  There are many options to add to increase the useable of your garage space from floor drains to unit heaters to in-floor heat to name a few.

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– Andy & Kimberly Bauman
Blaine, MN