Handcrafted Built-Ins

Handcrafted Built-Ins

Stunning Craftsmanship

Refined, polished, flawless. That’s what sets Iverson’s homes apart from the rest. To achieve this, we install and finish our custom cabinetry on-site. We work with our clients to design each piece and plan the layout with three-dimensional drawings. From kitchen worktops to bathroom vanities and bookshelves, all of our cabinets are handcrafted from solid wood and custom-fit to each other and the wall for a seamless look.

Pristine Woodwork Crafted to Fit

Our expert finish carpenters refine each home with custom finishes—a hallmark of our featured products. Homes built by Iverson are constructed with quality, from the foundation to our site-finished custom millwork. We finish all our trim and doors on-site for a clean, polished, and seamless look. Our signature custom woodwork is available in multiple styles, sizes, and colors.

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– Andy & Kimberly Bauman
Blaine, MN