Energy Efficient Features

Energy Efficient Features

At Iverson Homes, we believe energy savings are just as important as style. We’re committed to the environment, from the standards we uphold during construction to the appliances we install. All the materials we use ensure a structurally-sound, airtight, and energy efficient home. 

We perform a blower door test in compliance with state building codes and install LED lighting products in each of our custom homes. In addition, we incorporate a variety of energy efficient features.

Designed to Save You Money

Poured Concrete & Form-A-Drain™ Foundation

We build every Iverson home with a poured concrete wall foundation, which offers the following benefits:    

  • Decreases the chance of water intrusion.
  • Increases the stability of the home.
  • Resists fires, pests, and rot.
  • Ensures a perfectly vertical wall with proper plumb.

In addition, every Iverson home has a Form-A-Drain™ foundation system surrounding both the interior and exterior of the footing. This provides extra protection and allows water to flow to the sump pump, reducing the risk of a flooded basement.

Zoned HVAC

We install multi-zone HVAC systems so you can customize the temperature throughout your home. With zoned heating and cooling, your HVAC equipment will run more efficiently and have a longer lifespan, saving you money on a monthly and long-term basis.

Spray Foam Insulation 

We seal the rim joists of every home with closed cell foam insulation, which fills cracks and holes where moisture, molds, and pollutants may congregate. It seals mechanical penetrations and eliminates any air gaps that standard board foam would create. Spray foam insulation also offers airtight thermal protection for a more efficient HVAC system and better indoor air quality.


Depending on your budget, we recommend Marvin Integrity or Thermo-Tech windows and doors. Both product lines offer their own unique benefits and will withstand Minnesota’s extreme weather.

Marvin Integrity

Made by a family-owned company, Marvin Integrity windows are built with Ultrex, a pultruded fiberglass product proven to outlast vinyl, aluminum, and composites. Marvin Integrity windows resist fading, chalking, peeling, and cracking for long-lasting beauty and minimal maintenance. Designed to meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines, Marvin Integrity windows are truly Built to Perform® when it comes to energy efficiency, security, and durability. Add to that their diverse collection and extensive warranties, and it’s easy to see why Marvin windows are leading the industry as a high-end, reliable option for many homeowners.  


Thermo-Tech, a family-owned company based in Sauk Rapids, MN, manufactures windows and doors designed for harsh winters and sweltering summers. We trust Thermo-Tech for expertly-designed products and timely delivery. They offer a wide variety of standard or built-to-order windows and accessories with weather-tight seals and energy efficiency. Providing both attractive design and secure home protection, Thermo-Tech windows are an ideal, cost-effective alternative to Marvin Integrity.

Learn more about our commitment to the environment and our clients’ savings. Contact Us to discuss your options.

– Andy & Kimberly Bauman
Blaine, MN