Designer Flooring

Designer Flooring

Site-Finished Solid Hardwood Floors

In each Iverson home, we install site-finished solid hardwood floors with three-quarter-inch-thick boards and widths up to six inches. Made with a tongue and groove fit and finished on-site, our floors are uniform and stable. It’s a difference you can see and feel.

Our skilled artisans can customize flooring with special borders, ornate medallions, or unique textures. We provide many different options of light or dark hardwood including hickory, maple, alder, ash, and oak. Available natural or stained with satin, matte, or high-gloss finishes, site-finished hardwood offers many benefits:

  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • Tightly sealed boards protect flooring from moisture.
  • Can be refinished, re-stained, polished, or repaired at any time, as many times as you would like.

We also work with engineered hardwood and high definition vinyl.

Optional Floor Heating Systems

We offer water-based in-floor radiant heat in our basements and garages and in-floor electric heat under tiled areas.

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– Andy & Kimberly Bauman
Blaine, MN