3 Important Features for a Bathroom Makeover

bathroom makeover

The average person spends almost 90 days in a bathroom over their lifetime. It’s no wonder bathroom styles and trends are a big deal for many homeowners looking to remodel. Because a bathroom is such a small, defined space, the little details go a long way. If you’re dreaming of renovating your bathroom, know your options. You can maximize space and incorporate fashionable, affordable conveniences just by considering these three features when planning your bathroom makeover:


From tile pattern to sink styles, each choice can drastically change the look and feel of your bathroom. The way you use space and accessorize your bathroom can make it feel small and confined, versus large and open. Simply replacing a shower curtain with a glass shower wall can open up your bathroom and make it feel more spacious. Elongated fixtures like floor-to-ceiling cabinets may make it seem taller. Subtle shapes are hidden in each bathroom fixture. You could choose rounded faucets for an elegant style or square shower heads and drains for a modern look. Low lighting creates a calming, warm ambience, while bright, white lighting could make your bathroom feel clean and crisp.


Functionality often goes hand in hand with design. Think about strategic storage, like cabinetry and shelving for towels and toiletries. What materials would require little maintenance? For example, you could purchase a glass shower door treated with water repellent that prevents soap scum or hard water deposit from sticking to the glass. That way, you don’t have to clean it as much.

Energy efficiency & technology

Technology may seem out of place in the bathroom, but some convenient features could save you money. If you choose the right appliances and fixtures, you can make your bathroom more energy efficient. Install LED lights, a high efficiency toilet, or a low-flow, water-saving showerhead. Some homeowners install a small fireplace, sound system, or water resistant television for their convenience and luxury.

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