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Secrets to Creating a Welcoming Entryway


Whether you’re hosting a graduation party, casual game night, open house, or formal dinner party, you’ll want to usher guests into your home with a warm reception. It starts with your entryway, a highly trafficked space that sets the tone for the entire home. Want to know the secret to creating a welcoming entryway? Read on to find out.

Provide Seating

If you have the space, you may want to add a bench, antique chair, simple stool, or comfortable settee in the entryway for guests to sit down while they take off their shoes or engage in a long Minnesota goodbye. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than craning your neck to continue a conversation as you kneel to untie your shoes or hop on one foot to put them on. Consider using an antique trunk for both seating and storage space.

Maximize Storage

Make sure you have somewhere to put your guests’ outerwear. Install hooks or a wall-mounted rack for coats, scarves, hats, and purses. You could also purchase a free-standing coat tree or slender hall table as a convenient and stylish addition to your entryway furniture. Other storage like wooden bins, a boot tray, or an umbrella holder may also be convenient.

Set the Mood

Light up your entryway with wall sconces on both sides of the door. For larger spaces with tall ceilings, invest in a beautiful chandelier. Use warm-glowing incandescent bulbs rather than harsh white fluorescent lighting. Make sure it smells pleasant, too, whether it’s the aroma of freshly-baked bread wafting from the kitchen or a lavender-scented air freshener.

Take It an Extra Step

Here are some more ideas to spruce up your entryway:

  • Hang a mirror for your guests to readjust their hair and clothing after removing outerwear.
  • Include fresh flowers or a bowl of mints on your entryway table.
  • Add some plants, natural wood accents, and brass décor to make an easy transition from outdoors.
  • Lay a colorful oriental or geometric-style rug or runner in the hallway for a bit of texture and depth.
  • Throw some small pillows on your furniture or wallpaper the walls to bring in more color.
  • Paint the entryway door a bold hue and install an ornate door knocker and handle.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint on trim and polish or re-stain stairway banisters for a finishing touch.

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