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Quick Ways to Declutter and Organize Your Home


Many of us stash things away in our home for a “someday” that never comes. When life gets hectic, clutter makes ordinary, everyday tasks more complicated. We’ve put together some quick ways to declutter and organize your home.

The Decluttering Process

Minimize the chaos space by space, day by day. Only tackle two- to three-hour projects at a time. Otherwise, you’ll get burned out and make poor choices about what to discard. Put like items together and assess what you need.
Unnecessary junk needs to go, but that doesn’t mean the items should go to waste. Donate old towels to the animal shelter and recycle torn socks, pillowcases, or other fabrics as cleaning rags. Fill a trash bag with things you can bring to a secondhand shop, or commit to getting rid of one possession each day.

Start brainstorming ways to store what you will keep. Don’t immediately shop for storage products. Instead, think creatively as you put things where they belong. Prioritize the items you use most when considering accessibility, then organize everything else around it.

It’s easy to step back, admire your work, and forget about the bags of donations sitting by your entryway door. Finish each task completely and then follow these tips for an orderly house so your efforts don’t go to waste:

  • Get in the habit of making your bed the moment you step out of it every morning. Challenge your kids to do the same. Pulling the covers up over your pillows can make a room appear tidier and encourage you to keep it clean.
  • Use labeled bins or baskets for storage under sinks.
  • Take cues from the grocery store. Stock your food pantry with oldest items in front and newest items in back.
  • Store your staple dry goods in airtight containers to save space.
  • Create a command center in your entryway with hooks, bins, and racks for coats, keys, hats, scarves, and shoes. If you have pets, hang hooks and place cubbies near the door for leashes, bowls, and toys.
  • Set up a cute, decorative box for all your papers, mail, receipts, and notes, and sort through it once a week.
  • Make use of the wall space in your garage. Hang ladders, rakes, shovels, and bikes out of the way so you have a clear path to park.
  • Create a go-away box so you can drop donation items in it anytime you come across them. Keep it by the entryway or garage door so you can quickly bring the items to the local thrift shop.

Don’t be afraid to change the system if it isn’t working. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to work for your lifestyle. Organization is not a one-time task—it’s a process you use to maintain your space. Once you’ve taken a step in the right direction, keep walking.

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