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Benefits of Building a Custom Home


Are you looking to move? Not sure where to start?

You’re probably facing the questions – “Do we buy in the existing market?” “Should we build a home?” “What’s the difference between a Custom Home Builder & a National Home Builder?”

Everyone’s goals and dreams are different, but we’re here to tell you what sets Custom Home Building apart from the rest of the crowd, and why it might be the right choice for you.

Here are just a few of the benefits of building a Custom Home:

1. Energy Efficiency
With building codes constantly changing to make sure there is an industry standard with Energy Efficiency, you can bet your bottom dollar a Custom Home will be exceedingly more energy efficient than an existing home. There’s always an abundance of new and improved energy efficient products/services in the marketplace that will benefit your new home, and save you a pretty penny in the long run.

2. Quality of Product & Material
With many Custom Home Builders (especially Iverson Homes), you’ll receive the best quality products and materials. Whether it’s hardwood flooring, windows, countertops, custom built cabinetry, appliances, or lighting – you can be sure you’re getting the best product out there to ensure your home lasts lifetimes.

3. Customized
This one is pretty obvious… Working with a Custom Home Builder gives you the opportunity to truly design the home you want. The way we look at it, it’s not our money to spend – so you spend it where you want it. If YOU want a large master closet with all the bells and whistles, go for it! This is your home and we want it to be a reflection of your lifestyle and needs. While you’ll receive assistance from our team and a designer, you can be sure that your vision will come to life. From designing the floorplan, to making the selections, to closing, you can be sure you’re involved in the entire process from start to finish.

While those are just a FEW of the benefits of building a Custom Home, we want you to know that this process may not be for everyone. There are pros & cons to all types of construction, and in the existing market. But the important thing is you’ve begun your path to find out what’s the best option for you and for your family.

Iverson Homes would love to make your dreams become a reality. If you think a Custom Home is the right housing choice for you, or you have questions about the process – please give us a call.

–          Iverson Homes Team-
Written By: Megan Schwartz, Client Services Coordinator