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Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas

Last night I was putting the dishes away, and just as I’m about to finish I get to the dreaded “Tupperware” drawer! This drawer is such a mess and so hard for us to keep organized – we’re constantly losing covers! It’s actually gotten to the point where I have my boyfriend put the Tupperware away because the drawer makes me so frustrated! This got me thinking… what are some great storage ideas for our kitchen – and all kitchens? Iverson Homes loves to help our clients get creative in creating storage solutions. I look forward to sharing these ideas with our clients:

Check out that storage container drawer!
Great place to keep mail organized and keys!
Dream Pantry
Baking pans are hard to organize – this is a great idea
Under the sink roll-out for all those cleaning supplies
Roll out spice racks are very popular with our clients
Instead of having them displayed on the counter, put them in a drawer instead!
Love this idea!
This would be great for a no-kid household
No more reaching up high for plates!
What a wonderful use of space
The baskets could be used for fresh produce
How cool is this?!
The use of space is very smart
A knife drawer is genius!
Fresh produce now has a place in the kitchen
Very cool recycling sorter!

 What are some of your favorite Kitchen Storage solutions?

Iverson Homes Team –

Megan Halek

Client Services Coordinator