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What Floorplan Works Best for Me?

Building a home is big deal, let alone a Custom Home! There are a lot of decisions to make, the biggest on being: Floorplan.

How do you know which floorplan fits you and/or your family’s lifestyle? What are things to consider? Here are a few steps to making the decision a little bit easier.


First, you’ll need to think about your budget. What can you afford? Are you planning on paying cash, or carrying a mortgage for 30 yrs? Make a plan on how much you’re willing to spend and how much you plan on putting down. This will help narrow down your options of floor plans. As some, are more expensive than others. Check with the builder to make sure you’re all on the same page.

Modified Baneberry  Modified Baneberry


After you have a budget figured out, you’ll need to start thinking about what you need in a home. Write down a list of all the amenities you want in your home, but realize cuts may need to be made to the list. If you’d like, you can rank the importance of these amenities – this will make it a little easier to select which you’d like to move forward with. Here is a great list of questions from Floorplans.com to ask yourself:

  • How big is my family? Will children have their own rooms or share with siblings? Will everyone have their own bathroom or will some be shared?
  • What life-stage is my family in? Single? Is ours a young family with plans for more children? Are the kids teenagers now, who may need a bit more independence and privacy? Are we empty-nesters who want to downsize to a smaller home? Do we need to consider living space for elderly parents?
  • Would I prefer a one-story home that is easier to maneuver and more energy efficient, or do I want several levels for the family to spread out and take advantage of added privacy?
  • Do I have a formal or informal lifestyle? Should I choose a plan with a formal dining and living room or a more casual plan with a breakfast nook and keeping room near the kitchen?
  • Do I spend a great deal of time at home, either working or relaxing with family and friends? Or, do I travel a lot and have numerous outside activities that keep me away from the house?
  • Do I enjoy entertaining? Will a formal dining room, entertainment room or abundant outdoor living space be important? Do I need a guestroom?
  • Do I spend a great deal of time outdoors? Is it important to me to have porches, decks, an outdoor kitchen, or simply a large yard to enjoy?
  • Do I tend to relish quiet time reading or pursuing other in-home hobbies? Do I need a study, keeping room or sitting room to get away?
  • How much do I work from home? Will a small desk in the kitchen for paying bills suffice or do I need a large home office?
  • How often do I cook meals? Is it important to have a highly functional and beautiful kitchen or would I rather spend money elsewhere?
  • How do I tend to use my bathroom? Is it simply a functional space for getting ready, or do I like to relax in a spa-like atmosphere?
  • Do I want the master suite to be situated away from the living spaces or on a different floor from the other bedrooms, or do I need to be close to those bedrooms?
    How important are auxiliary rooms such as the laundry, mudroom, pantry and garage?
  • Do I want these rooms to be basic but functional or to be highly efficient and organized?
  • How many possessions do I own? Will I need a great deal of storage space in either the attic, basement or garage? How many closets do I need for everyday items?
  • Should I choose a floorplan with flex space so the house has room to grow? Will I need another bedroom, office or playroom in the future?
  • Do I or anyone in my family have a disability that must be considered when designing my home?
  • Do I have pets?


You’ll want to think about the amount of space you want, and how you want it designed. To do this, you’ll need to have a sense of your style…Do you like more traditional looks? What about contemporary? Or, are my styles more an eclectic mix. A great tool to use is Houzz.com. This website allows you to create “Ideabooks” to better pinpoint your style. Scroll through thousands of photos, and save the ones you like. Then review, and usually you’ll get a good sense of what you like!

The Barrington
The Hickory
Contemporary or Transitional


The next thing you’ll want to think about is, “Where do I want to build?”. This can be a tough choice for some people, but for the most part I  think people generally stick around where their job is located, or childrens’ schools.  Think about your lot size – are you fine with smaller for less yard work? Or, do you want at least an acre to build up a pole barn, or have a few horses? As you’ve heard on every Home and Garden show, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.  The price of the lot you choose can vary quite a bit! Be sure it fits within your budget, and will still allow you to build the size home (with the right finishes) you’ll need. Be sure to keep resale value in mind when choosing your new homes’ location.

I hope this information helped, even just a little bit, to help get you on the right track of choosing the accurate floorplan for your life! It’s a big task, but once you figure it out, you’re sure to be happy!

Iverson Homes Team

Megan Halek

Client Services Coordinator