Our Hands-on Process

Let Your Dreams Become Reality with Iverson Homes

A customized process allows our team to meet your needs every step of the way. You’ll begin by meeting face-to-face with Tim and Beth, who listen closely to your ideas before discussing your goals, budget and timeline. We believe that your home should be a direct expression of your family’s unique personality and lifestyle, and our professionals are fully qualified to help you achieve that goal.

Once your needs and personal preferences have been determined, our professional architects will transfer the ideas to paper where details can be customized and revised. A final specification sheet is then prepared so that you can examine it and ask as many questions as you want before approving the design.

At this point, Joe, Doug, and Beth take over with organization of the build. While our team at Iverson handles much of the work that requires trade skills, we do subcontract some tasks. All of our subcontractors are longtime partners who we know and trust to provide the same exceptional quality that our team will provide.

Throughout the entire process — from design through completion — our team will keep the communication lines open so you’ll be informed of project developments as they happen.

Once your project is complete, we’ll do a walk-through and follow-up visit.